Look at this.

I need this so bad. Oh yeah. Today i was looking outside my WIndow and seeing this on the other side of the street. God. I really need One of these. Yesterday i was talking to Schnip, my one and only Childhood Friend, telling her about my Ideas and Inspirations, telling her that i really need an Easel. And now this. So i was seeing this and i was like ‘Whyyyyyyyyy???’ D:

Because i know i can not afford one. It feels like a cruel Joke. Really not fair. I want to go down and take a Look at it. But i guess this will be depressing.

I’m wondering if i could craft One by myself or something similar. Hm.

I was thinking about an Idea. I really want to do something big. BIG. I need a really big Chipboard or a really big Canvas for the thing that i want to do. But my Budget is tight this Month. Like… every Month. I need some Ideas. Or maybe i could visit some Carpenters and ask them if they have some Leftovers that they don’t need? Ah, i really have no Hope. xD



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