So i told my Mum today that i couldn’t draw anymore because i have no Money for that Paper. So she gave me some. Yay. It’s kind of frustrating if you want to do something but you can’t because you have no Money for Supplies. Yea.

You know that Feeling when you hurt your … gingival? God, my Englisch sucks, but anyway. When you hurt the inside of your Mouth with your Toothbrush? That happened to me a few Days ago but since i have to brush my Teeth every Day i hurt it again and again. Thats sucks. Yea. Just saying.

So i bought a Novel on the Garage Sale. It’s written in English and i thought i could learn something by reading this. It’s “The Hotel New Hampshire’ by John Irving btw. Yea. But INSIDE i found that Postcard. It’s from 2004 and it’s written by a japanese Girl with Name Akina from Ashiya to someone called Tom here in Germany. I’m wondering if i should return the Card to Tom. But since it’s from 2004 i’m not sure if he is still living on that Street that i can see on the Card. But i should try, right? Maybe it’s an important Memory for him. I think i will just put it into a envelope and send it over. Who knows, maybe he will answer and i have one more Pen-Pal.^^



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